Using Life to Create The Big Tent

This is an issue where I believe we can take major steps forward in bringing people into our party. I have already stated my position on Life, which with I believe most people in America are in agreement; but there are two areas that we need to stress to strengthen our position.

The first is the move by Democrats to the extreme. Extreme positions are never good, but having Democrats pass and their leaders celebrating laws that state even if a child is born alive during a botched abortion, it’s acceptable to kill. Or that a mother may choose an abortion right up to the time of birth, is going way over the edge, of what any rational human being will tolerate. We need to continually remind Americans of this point. They are talking about murder here, it needs to be presented as such, and we should not have any compunctions about stating it as such.

The second is bringing minorities back into the Republican Party. Minorities as a percentage of their population, are among some of the most religiously active groups in America. They also share many of the conservative ideologies of the Republican Party, especially on social issues and family. Since the Civil War, when Blacks were solidly in the Republican Party (the first 23 Blacks elected to Congress were Republican), Democrats have continuously not only demonized the Republican Party and terrorized minorities; but have fed minorities a steady diet of empty promises.  These promises were designed to keep them: uneducated, fearful, disillusion, demoralized and dependent. Here again, we must have the courage to speak about how the disregard for human life, started by people like Margaret Sanger (founding member of Planned Parenthood). Sanger and many other Democrats have played a role in reducing two parent black family households from their highs of nearly 80% in the 1960’s, to their current level near 30%. We must reverse the Democrats’ destructive and racially targeted agenda.