The Agriculture Solution Reframed

The solution is also two fold. First most farmers do not have 401K programs or pensions on which to retire. Their operation is their retirement, so when they do decide to call it quits, or at least slow down a bit, they need as much cash for their land as they can get. Especially in light of having to share their retirement benefits (which they have worked for all their lives), with the government when they sell. Secondly is the government’s definition of a “family farm”, which includes any land owned by a family, even those that live in Manhattan or Hollywood. Many of whom have happily accepted millions in government subsidizes for their agricultural operations over the years, without ever getting any dirt under their fingernails.

For this new program, we must define a “family farm” as any contiguous tract of land owned by, lived upon, and worked by members of a family; to a certain degree of relation (father, mother, children, etc). Any farmer of retirement age, who will sell their land to those who will meet this new definition, whether selling as a whole, or splitting it up into several pieces, can do so tax free. There will certainly have to be conditions which shall have to be met by the seller, the buyer, and penalties for non–compliance. Consequently we as farmers, will now be selling to the highest bidder and further consolidating our food production.

When faced with the choice of the government taking a chunk of the retiring farmers money (then having to publicly care for them, when that money runs out) or allowing them to sell it for less to those who will revitalize our rural economies; the decision is clear. As it will allow farmers to keep all their money and easing the burden on the taxpayers for their care. The correct choice should be obvious.