Solving Illegal Immigration: More than building a Wall

Gaining control of our Southern Border is certainly number one on the priority list and the most effective way to do that is with a wall. Over the years everyone, including those who now consider this a “racist” idea, have agreed on this and have proven it works in places like Israel and Hungry. It’s time we do it here.

I also agree with the President’s other proposed reforms. Such as in: ending chain migration, ending the visa lottery program, providing more personal for enforcement & judiciary functions, and more detention centers are all necessary steps at this time. Eventually we may cut back on some of these measures, as we gain more control of our border.

I concur with the President on a stricter interpretation of the Section One of the 14th Amendment; that children of illegal immigrants born on America soil, should not automatically become citizens. This is because, as illegal non citizens, they are not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States as the Amendment requires.

The other big problem we need to solve is the roughly 12 million plus illegal immigrants now living in the United States. The people brought here illegally as children, the “Dreamers”. I see these as two different problems that require two different solutions. First the illegal immigrants. To think that we are going to round all these individuals up and deport them is ridiculous and would be a waste of time & money. I also believe, however, that automatic citizenship or “amnesty” for these individuals should never be even a remote possibility.

I propose a new classification for these individuals, a “red card permanent worker”. Under this program, illegal immigrants must come forward and identify themselves. They would be given a background check and if no felony convictions are present, they would be given red card status. They would be required to pay taxes but be ineligible for any taxpayer funded benefits. This would remove the stigma of illegal status and protect them from deportation as long as they do not commit a felony crime.  Also as an added incentive, this would make their children eligible for citizenship. There would be a grace period to enroll in this program, after which, anyone caught without a red card would serve prison time and then be deported; no excuses.

As for the children of illegal immigrants, they are here through no fault of their own and I do believe in a very long path to citizenship for these individuals. It would include coming forward, being identified & registered; they would need to pay all back taxes; repay any taxpayer benefits they received; a felony free criminal background check; a five year waiting period; and then going through the same naturalization process that all legal immigrants must go through. A United States citizenship is the most prized possession in the world and its benefits are worth the effort.