Taxes & Budget

Ethanol, The Taxpayer, Let’s Renegotiate, & Where We Go From Here

In noted economist Henry Hazlitt’s book, entitled ‘Economics in One Lesson,’ the one lesson is this: good economic policy takes into consideration the effects of that policy on everyone over the long term, bad economic policy takes into consideration the effect on only a small section of affected individuals over the short term. In the … [Read More]

A Simplified Tax Solution

Here is what I have been proposing: Every person files an individual tax return. Anything that puts a dollar into a person’s pocket is considered “income”. Everyone receives a $25,000 personal deduction, no more itemized deductions for anything (President Trump is already working on this one). Everyone pays a flat rate of somewhere between 5 … [Read More]

A Little Tax History

Our Founders believed that all laws should be written, so that the average person could read and understand them. Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution also set forth that there would be no direct uniform tax imposed on each person or in other words, no income tax. This was changed by the Sixteenth Amendment … [Read More]