A Simplified Tax Solution

Here is what I have been proposing: Every person files an individual tax return. Anything that puts a dollar into a person’s pocket is considered “income”. Everyone receives a $25,000 personal deduction, no more itemized deductions for anything (President Trump is already working on this one). Everyone pays a flat rate of somewhere between 5 … [Read More]

The Agriculture Solution Reframed

The solution is also two fold. First most farmers do not have 401K programs or pensions on which to retire. Their operation is their retirement, so when they do decide to call it quits, or at least slow down a bit, they need as much cash for their land as they can get. Especially in … [Read More]

Healthcare Solutions

As stated, there are five areas here to address, insurance companies, health care providers, lawyers, patients and the government. Health insurance companies must be made to operate like all other insurance companies in America, that is their little kingdoms in each state must be eliminated and they must be allowed to sell across state lines. … [Read More]