Second Amendment

2A Writings: Decorah Newspaper – 2017

Dear Editor, It seems we have a discussion started on the topic of political discourse in America upon the pages of your newspaper and considering recent events, I, and it seems others, believe it relevant to continue it. With regards to the first half of Mr. Dale’s letter of the 15 June, there has always … [Read More]

2A Writings: Decorah Newspaper – October 2000

Dear Editor, Upon first reading the article entitled “Living as a person of color in Decorah ….” in the September 12 Public Opinion, it left me disheartened to belief that, in this day and age, in a small Midwestern town such animosity toward fellow human beings still exists. Then, however, I noticed the silver lining … [Read More]

2A Writings: Decorah Newspaper – May 1999

Dear Editor, After reading Mr. Maloney’s opinion of April 27 entitled, “Time to disarm those ’hate group,” I cannot help to think that Mr. Maloney’s is like the man who does not want worms in his apples growing on his apple trees. His solution, he goes to the shed, gets his saw, and cuts down … [Read More]

2A Writings: Dear Mrs. Brady – May 22, 1996

22 May 1996 Dear Mrs. Brady, I have been compelled to write to you upon receiving your “National Public Safety Survey”. Madam, it is a ruse. My lukewarm respect however to your lawyer, who so obviously had a hand in writing it, for his effort, however deceitful, in composing a very good, to the untrained … [Read More]

2A Writings: Decorah Newspaper – January 1994

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to Mr. Tandy Uhl’s column of January 18 entitled “Gun enthusiasts should drop amendment issue”. From the article I could not decipher is Mr. Uhl was anti or pro gun, but that does not matter. What matters is the fact that he, the gun control advocates, and yes, … [Read More]