Healthcare Solutions

As stated, there are five areas here to address, insurance companies, health care providers, lawyers, patients and the government. Health insurance companies must be made to operate like all other insurance companies in America, that is their little kingdoms in each state must be eliminated and they must be allowed to sell across state lines. … [Read More]

The $18 Aspirin Hoax

When it comes to health care solutions, there have been many politicians who keep telling everyone that they are going to fight for you so you do not get charge $18 for an aspirin or Ibuprofen on your next hospital bill. This only shows their ignorance of the problem and without knowing the causes it … [Read More]

The Deductible Scam

The last insurance policy I owned had a $5000 deductible and as 20% co-payment of the next $10,000. That means if that policy was in force at the time of my wife’s heart attack, I would have owed $7000 for the procedure. My friend in the insurance business informed me that the insurance companies demand … [Read More]

Heart Attack

In 2012, my wife suffered a massive heart attack that should have killed her; but thanks to many dedicated doctors and nurses, surgery and the Grace of God, she survived. This also turned into another twist of fate by which the problems and solutions to our health care “crisis” were further revealed. After she returned … [Read More]