Ethanol, The Taxpayer, Let’s Renegotiate, & Where We Go From Here

In noted economist Henry Hazlitt’s book, entitled ‘Economics in One Lesson,’ the one lesson is this: good economic policy takes into consideration the effects of that policy on everyone over the long term, bad economic policy takes into consideration the effect on only a small section of affected individuals over the short term. In the … [Read More]

The Agriculture Solution Reframed

The solution is also two fold. First most farmers do not have 401K programs or pensions on which to retire. Their operation is their retirement, so when they do decide to call it quits, or at least slow down a bit, they need as much cash for their land as they can get. Especially in … [Read More]

The Age Old and Old Age Issue

The problem here is two fold. We have plenty of young people in our FFA programs who wish to farm when they graduate from high school or college; but the cost of getting started has become prohibitive. Even when they are looking to take over from their parents or relatives. One of the major costs … [Read More]