2A Writings: Decorah Newspaper – October 2000

Dear Editor,

Upon first reading the article entitled “Living as a person of color in Decorah ….” in the September 12 Public Opinion, it left me disheartened to belief that, in this day and age, in a small Midwestern town such animosity toward fellow human beings still exists.

Then, however, I noticed the silver lining in this dark cloud of an issue. That silver lining, my friends, is what Jyoti Grewal “went to Chicago to do what for her was previously unthinkable.

Even though she did not go through with doing the unthinkable, purchasing a gun for her protection against aggression, the fact that she had the option to do so is the heart and essence of the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

In this election year, gun control has become an issue once again and there is clearly a distinct difference between the candidates and where they stand upon this issue.

I do not know Mrs. Grewal, but I feel it is safe to assume she is not an NRA member. She, however, whether she knows it or not, has given a testimonial on the importance of the Second Amendment that even Charleston Heston, NRA president, would be proud of.

The Second Amendment is not a legal loophole that allows criminals to acquire guns. It is a Right that provides all law-abiding citizens the option, if they so choose, to own a firearm for their own personal or that of their family’s protection against any criminal element or threat.

The Second Amendment does not compromise the integrity of the Constitution, but rather guarantees the preservation of it and all of its Rights to everyone, especially from an oppressive government.

Though this country’s independence was declared with the pen, it took the sword, and firearm, to obtain it. Firearms have since maintained our freedom from both external and internal aggression for 224 years now.

And while highly publicized acts of violence, which to myself are more of a product of societal decay than gun ownership, get constant media attention in order to zealously promote an agenda, many more lives are saved and property protected every day, though never reported, through the use of privately owned firearms.

In this election season, while the candidates are promising everything to everyone, I would like to see one question asked and answered straightforward and honestly. What in your own words does the Second Amendment mean to you, Mr. Candidate?

Their answer will give a clear insight into their own interpretation of the Constitution and how they view all the other Rights that we, the citizens of the United States enjoy.

I hope that all the people mentioned in the September 12 article find Peace and acceptance in our community; that those who have carried out acts of aggression against them realize they do not have to love everyone, but in a civil society they do have to learn the concept of mutual toleration; and that all voters, when voting this November, look through all the empty promises and posturing and recognize and consider the one Right that helps us maintain all the others, and where the candidates stand on this issue.

As for myself and my fellow NRA members, we will continue to pay our dues and more to guarantee people like Jyoti Grewal, continue to have at least the option to protect themselves and live in Peace.