Tom Hansen in DC by sign saying "Keep Your Promises"

Meet Thomas

Whether as an engineer out in Las Vegas, a small business owner, 30 years as Hansen Refrigeration, or cattle rancher at Rock Cedar Ranch for 25 years with Jeanett selling beef to local area restaurants & to customers; I have worked with my hands & used the knowledge I have gained over the years. To solve whatever problems have arisen for both my family & my customers, I will continue to do so in Washington, D.C. as your IA-01 Representative to Congress.

Why Thomas Wants This Job

There are currently two different groups with two different political ideologies vying for control of America & its citizens. The first is based on the premise that government is our master. This group despises the founding principles of this Nation, believes free-market capitalism is the root of the worlds problems, and that America’s citizens are ignorant & cannot survive without the government constantly overseeing their lives. They find it acceptable to use any means necessary to silence the free speech of those they disagree with, celebrate laws stating it is lawful for a baby born alive because of a botched abortion to be murdered, and do not distance themselves from those who use physical violence, against someone for wearing the wrong hat, or eating in the wrong restaurant.

The other, is based on the premise that government is our servant. This group, of which I consider myself a member, believes America is an exceptional nation in the history of the world; that its citizens are good hearted, and have shown an extraordinary ability to adapt & overcome any obstacle placed before them. That free-market capitalism has and continues to be the best method of lifting people out of poverty and driving the innovation, that benefits the world as a whole. We believe Liberty is freedom tempered by morality; Justice should be the ultimate goal of the law; and that Equality means applying the law equally to all. Not dividing our citizens into group and giving some special rights in attempt to achieve equality. We believe America has sometimes struggled, but that these Ideals are something we have continually worked toward trying to achieve.

History has shown us many times where these two paths lead; and I am running to be your IA-01 Representative to Congress because of my convictions to see that Our Nation follows the latter path into the future. As to prevent America from taking anymore misguided footsteps down the former.

Hansen for Congress